Juice Sublimation FAQ


How do I get samples for sizing?

For most of our custom apparel styles, a stock item is available for sizing. Please refer to the current catalog or  your sales representative for confirmation on the stock item to use for fitting. For JUICE exclusive items, you should either use the sizing chart in the back of the catalog or check with your sales rep or custom apparel team member to see if we have another option for fitting a certain style.

When does my lead time begin?

Lead time begins the first business day after your custom apparel team member receives written confirmation that artwork and roster have been approved for production. The fastest way to reduce lead time is to submit a finalized design and roster from our Uniform Builder, stating in your submission email that the artwork and roster are approved and ready for production.

What is the cost of this custom item?

We can only issue pricing to our CHAMPRO dealer accounts. If you are a dealer, please email us at customerservice@champrosports.com and we can send you a price list for any of our custom apparel. If you are a coach or player, please locate your nearest dealer by using the link at the bottom of our webpage at www.champrosports.com and the dealer will be able to give you pricing details.

How do I get tracking information for my order?

An email will be sent with the tracking number once your order has shipped.

Can I use any fabric for my custom apparel?

We do not offer fabric options for Decorated Stock and Classic Custom apparel. Select JUICE styles are available in multiple fabric options. Refer to your CHAMPRO catalog for more information regarding fabric options for JUICE styles. Please note that pricing is affected by fabric choice.

Can I make my own custom JUICE design?

We can create highly custom apparel with JUICE sublimation. However, we will need complete vector artwork of the design to be submitted in .ai, .eps, or high-res PDF format, along with a completed Excel Order Form. We will use the artwork to create a proof, but we will need the Excel Form to let us know which specific pattern, design, colors, and decoration sizing you'd like for the design. For example, your artwork might have a player number on the front of the jersey, but in the form you would let us know that you want "Demonized Font, 8", Air Force Blue Fill with Optic Yellow Outline" for the player number.

I don't have any vector artwork for my design. What should I do?

We have a design team that can create the artwork for you. There is a custom artwork fee, and we will need approval to move forward with artwork creation before we create any artwork, even for the proof. Please contact your sales rep or custom apparel team member for more details.

I would like a specific color on this jersey. Can you do that?

We can do custom colors in JUICE sublimated product, though we must print and send a physical swatch for customer approval beforehand. This can often add a few weeks of lead time to a JUICE order. To avoid additional lead time, we encourage customers to choose similar colors from our comprehensive palette of CHAMPRO JUICE colors.

When will my order arrive?

Your order should arrive close to the approximate ship date, given at the time the order is processed and confirmed. Please keep in mind that our ship dates are approximate.

Do you offer sublimated integrate football pants?

Not at this time.

Is there a minimum order?

There is a 6 piece minimum order for your first JUICE order, after that repeat designs do not have a minimum order.

What is the status of my order?

Once you have emailed us with your artwork and roster approval, you should receive an email confirmation from us that the order has been processed. If you do not receive this confirmation within 48 hours, follow up with us using the same email thread that you used to submit your design to ensure we've received everything and we are processing the order.

What kind of files can be used for my logo(s)?

We can only use vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator, .eps, or high-res PDF format.

Oops! We forgot one player and another player's name was spelled incorrectly. Can you just add the extra player in and fix the last name?

We apologize, but, no. Once we receive your approval, all artwork and roster information is considered correct. Any changes to the original order (adding a player, adjusting a player name, etc.) will be placed as a new order with a lead time based on our current lead time when the change is initiated.

Can I do anything to make my lead time faster?

The best way to ensure your order arrives quickly and on time is to make sure you have submitted all the required documents for your order. Once production has begun on your order, you will receive your order in the specified lead time. For JUICE product, we offer expedited production at an extra charge. If you would like expedited production, please specify prior to approving your order. Please check with your CHAMPRO JUICE team member to confirm that we are currently offering the expedited service, as it is subject to availability based on current order volume.

I received my jerseys and there is an error. What should I do?

We are sorry to hear that. First, please double-check the artwork proof and roster from your confirmation email. Then, submit the approved files from your confirmation email along with pictures of all defective pieces. Someone on our custom apparel team will work with you to reach the best solution. 


How do I submit my order?

Our CHAMPRO custom apparel teams do not have access to your account on the Uniform Builder. Your designs are also not automatically synced with our website or email addresses. We ask that you email the PDF(s) to QUOTES@redsteamsports.com. Be sure to include in the body of the email whether the design and roster are approved and ready for production, or if any changes are needed before moving forward. If changes are necessary, be as descriptive as possible. We will send you a proof for approval.

How do I save my design? I created it, but when I click "Save" everything disappears.

Typically, if the design will not save properly, the Uniform Builder is experiencing issues with the browser. Please reference our response concerning browser types. If you are using Firefox, or the most updated version of your browser, and it still will not save, please submit the information using our Excel form and we will send you a proof for approval.

I am trying to save my design, but the Uniform Builder won't let me.

Ensure that you have a quantity of at least 1 item in the roster portion of the design as the Uniform Builder will not save without a roster quantity.

When the order is saved, does it send to you automatically?

No. Please submit the PDF to QUOTES@redsteamsports.com. Let us know in the body of the email if the artwork and roster are approved, or if changes and a proof are needed before moving to production.

Why won't the Uniform Builder load?

The Uniform Builder may not function properly if it is being accessed from an out-of-date browser. We highly recommend using the Firefox browser (free to download at Mozilla.org). If you do not have Firefox available, and you are using an alternative browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Safari, please ensure the browser is the most updated version.

I can't find the item I want to decorate.

First, ensure you're looking in the correct sport category. If you still are not seeing the style, especially if it is a newer pattern or design for us, it may not have been released yet on the Uniform Builder. If it is not available on the Uniform Builder, please submit your request through the JUICE request form, available for download in the bar at the top of the screen. Email this to QUOTES@redsteamsports.com

Can I attach my logo in the Uniform Builder?

The Uniform Builder will accept .jpeg, .png, or .gif files, if you want to see an approximation of your logo on the Uniform Builder. However, for production, we will need your logo in vector format, with file types of .ai, .eps, or high-res PDF. Please be sure to submit any logo artwork in one of these accepted formats when you email your Uniform Builder file or Excel Order Form & Roster to us.

How do I add a logo to a spot not already designated for decoration?

Please indicate where you want the logo either in the email when you send over your Uniform Builder file, or in the provided "Notes:" section on the Excel Order Form. Be very specific concerning the logo's size and placement.

Can a coach, team, league, or school order uniforms directly from the Uniform Builder?

End users are unable to order directly from CHAMPRO. However, end users are welcome to use the Uniform Builder, build their custom apparel, and submit the PDF to their closest CHAMPRO dealer, which can be located on our website, www.champrosports.com. The dealer will then contact us to receive a proof or place the order.

I got to the end of my design, but the Uniform Builder won't let me save.

Please return to the Roster page of the Uniform Builder and enter at least one player, even if it isn't a real player. The Uniform Builder will not let you save the file unless there is some type of information on the Roster page. If the file still won't save, check to see if your browser is up-to-date.